Does The P.I.N.K Method Live Up To It's Hype?

Pink Method Diet

Ever since it was introduced on The Doctors & The Dr. Phil show, The Pink Method has exploded in popularity and created buzz in the dieting world.

This website explains everything about the P.I.N.K Method, whether or not it's the real deal, how it really works, it's pros, cons & whether or not it's really worth all the hype.

So if you're wondering as to whether or not this diet is worth your time, or just want to learn more facts about it, you'll find all the answers here.

The P.I.N.K Method Revealed. How It Works:

The P.I.N.K Method was created by Cynthia Pasquella. P.I.N.K stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition & Kardio and is designed for women only. It is a diet & workout program which has 3 phases.


Each phase lasts 3 weeks for a total of 9 weeks to finish the program. Each phase also has a meal plan to follow as well as an exercise program. In total there are 4 meal plans & 3 exercise plans to stick to throughout the 9 week period.

Each exercise plan has a different trainer and a different workout focus. As users progress through the 3 phases, the diet/exercise program change & gradually get more difficult. Here is how each phase works:


Phase 1 Pink Reset:

For the first 2 weeks,
users begin following the 1st meal plan of the program which consists of eating protein rich meals (8 oz daily) in addition to non starchy vegetables. Bread, pasta, potatoes, butter and other starchy/fatty foods are forbidden.

Users are allowed limited caffeine, and can drink 1 cup of coffee a day.
The exercise program does not start until the 3rd week of Phase 1. 

Once users hit week 3, the exercise program begins which is led by "Jenna Phillips". The workout consists of basic exercises to help prepare you for Phase 2. The meal plan remains the same but now allows fruits & limited starches.

Phase 2 Pink Primary:

Users begin  new meal plan & exercise plan hosted by "Lisa Christie". The Phase 2 meal plan continues a similar format as Phase 1, but adds in foods that help burn fat and give you more energy.

The exercise program consists of cardiovascular workouts meant to increase metabolism. Phase 2 lasts 3 weeks and prepares you for the final phase.

Phase 3 Preservation:

The final phase consists of a meal plan that changes what/how much you eat every few days. This technique helps raise metabolism and increase fat burning.

The exercise portion of this phase is led by Basheerah Ahmad and focuses on strength and endurance training.

Important Details:

-The purpose of the initial 2 week diet is to enrich the body with protein foods so that once the exercise program hits, your body will burn more fat and build muscle.

-The diet basically helps you get more from the exercise program and prepare for Phase 2. Users begin to see weight loss effects around week 3.

-Each phase helps users prepare for the next. This diet is meant to be done with the exercise program in order to get the best results.


1. Promotes healthy weight loss. 

2. Good overall diet/exercise plan.
The meal plans & exercise plans follow a standard and proven way to lose weight. 

3. Excellent support. 
P.I.N.K provides good 1 on 1 support for those who buy it's program. An online support group is made available where users can talk to P.I.N.K's creator.


1. Requires alot of effort. This is not a quick fix diet plan and does involve commitment. This isn't so much a con, but rather a fact.

2. Not for men, nursing or pregnant women. 

3. Pricey $$$. There are 2 options available for those who wish to try this program. Option 1 is $67.99. Option 2 is 2 payments of $39.99.

4. Difficult to stick to. Following this program for 63 days straight is no easy task. This program is not for those who have little time to spare.

5. Does not guarantee permanent weight loss. Although after finishing this plan, you will see good results, it's important to continue to implement it's ideas. Otherwise all of the weight will come back.

6. Refund Issues. There have been a number of customers who have reported having major issues receiving refunds after ordering this program.

P.I.N.K Method. Is It Worth It?

Overall the P.I.N.K method is a great overall diet/fitness program. It's meal plans as well as exercise plans which change with each phase target the important areas of the body and help it lose weight while toning muscles.

Those who do try this program and make it through the 63 days will see great results. However, there have been issues with commitment to this program. It's not a simple 1-2-3 plan. It takes 63 days to complete and requires your attention everyday. Users are allowed to workout at their own pace, but sticking to the program for that long may be difficult for most.

Overall this program will work, but for those who have the time, energy and patience to see it through. This program is not for those who have busy lives, have difficulties working out or need faster alternatives, which do exist.

An Alternative Option?

Although the P.I.N.K is a great program, the fact that it takes so long to complete and requires alot of commitment can deter users away.

However, there are diet plans which do not require exercise or long term commitment and are great for those who live busy lives and cannot commit to anything long or difficult. One plan in particular is Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

This diet plan has been around for over 5 years, has helped millions lose weight and works unlike any other diet plan on the market.

What makes it so different/flexible is that users eat more foods, including what they love & actually end up losing much more weight than with normal dieting.

Seems too good to be true, but this diet has 1 secret technique which makes it all possible...

The Secret Technique: Calorie Shifting.

Calorie shifting is a technique that involves eating 4 or more meals/day, but in mixed caloric values. When done correctly, this process tricks your body into burning more fat and increasing metabolism, even while you sleep. In many cases, users lose 1 pound or more every single day while at the same time eating what they love.

In fact this technique is actually utilized in the last phase of the P.I.N.K Method which is where most of the weight loss occurs, except instead of waiting for weeks to see the best results, this only takes days.

How it works:

Fat Loss 4 Idiots allows users to pick what they want to eat from a large food list of basic everyday foods. Users select whatever they like and an 11 day calorie shifting meal plan is provided for them in seconds. An unlimited # of meal plans can be created at anytime, even for friends and family.

Users just follow the meal plan, go about their daily life and let calorie shifting work it's magic. Results vary, but most people lose 9 pounds in 11 days, sometimes more. Results also remain long term.

Compared to P.I.N.K, Fat Loss 4 Idiots has alot more positive aspects, including the fact that it's very easy to complete, is alot shorter and cheaper. It's far more suited for pretty much everyone, including men & those who live busy lives who need to drop the weight, but not sacrifice their time in the process & it does just that.

Testimonials From  Fat Loss 4 Idiots Users:

"I'm still in my first cycle - today is my 7th day and lost 6 lbs already!!!!! I really didn't think it was goign to work for me. It's unbelievable!!!."

Portion of review taken from:

"I definitely do agree that I have much more energy with calorie-shifting as opposed to Atkins
(which I have done twice before).  That diet left me very fatigued, with halitosis, and heart
palpitations!  Calorie shifting has made me control my PM binges by making me more aware of when
I am actually hungry and has eliminated my (what I thought to be insatiable) desire  for refined
sugars/carbs.  This is fantastic!  I feel absolutely no need to "cheat" 3 days."

Portion of actual review taken from: E-mail testimonial


"I quit the program when I reached the halfway mark. I got bored. Although I’ve really lost a lot of weight."

Portion of review taken from:


"I’m four days into the program and I’m seeing results already. I’ve lost 7 lbs and I still have much energy."

Portion of review taken from:


"Lost 6 pounds during the first 11 days. The diet is easy to follow and the foods are available at your local grocery store, nothing unusual to buy or prepare"

Portion of review taken from:


"After the first 11 days I lost 12 pounds! I was really excited."

Portion of review taken from: 


"Just finished the 11th day of this diet. Total loss is 9 pounds. I followed my menues precisely and walked at least 1,2 or 3 miles every day."

Portion of review taken from:

Click here to visit the official Fat Loss 4 Idiots website.


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